Top player Android games to play with friends while locked

ANDROID GAMES TO PLAY: Almost every country in the world is presently under lockdown due to the coronavirus pandemic. Since you and most of your friends sit at home for weeks on end, it’s hard not to be bored. Although you can’t go out and hang out with your friends, you can have fun even when everyone is at home, thanks to online player sports.

Suppose you have your Android smartmobile and a stable internet connection. In that case, you can fill your time playing some of the best online multiplayer Android games on this list which allow 2 or more players to play the game simultaneously. Here are the top best multiplayer Android games to play with friends from home when locked.

Best multiplayer Android games to play with locked friends

Call of Duty:  Mobile

If you are a follower of the Call of Duty game, you would like to play the first mobile part with your friends. The game has a Battle Royale mode where you can play and fight on the battlefield with your friends and some other Call of Duty players from unlike parts of the world.

Call of Duty Mobile also arises with several other game modes like Team Deathmatch, Seek and Destroy and Dominate. You can also take between different types of weapons depending on your level in the game. An exciting game with your friends, then this game is a great choice.


If you used to play UNO with your friends before it all started, you would love this digital episode of the popular card game. You can add your friends and play with up to 4 people simultaneously by creating players and inviting them to your virtual game room. The game also has options to play with random players from all over the world. You can also participate in daily tournaments and challenges to level up and unlock in-game achievements and bonuses.

Words with friends 2

Words with friends 2 are available both as a separate game title in the Google Play Store for your Android device, and you can also play the game with your Facebook friends by accessing it from the games section of the Facebook app. Scrabble inspires the game, and if you like playing word games, you will have a lot of fun playing Words with Friends 2. The game allows you to play two-on-one with your Facebook friends or anyone with a Facebook account. Besides spending your time on it, the game also comes with a bonus to help you improve your vocabulary.

Delight let us know in the notes below your favorite online multiplayer Android game to play with your friends during this blackout period.

Clash of Clans: available for Android and iOS versions

It inclined request can for free. It is a third-person strategy game where players can also form a clan or join one. Here they can build and maintain their village, raise their family, and wage wars to protect towns.

The game has several features, including the latest, like New Town Hall 13, Heroes, etc.

Carrom swimming pool

Who wouldn’t love a traditional carrom game with their friends?

It’s the same, but instead, you are playing on your phones. The rules are simple, and the game requires 4 players, which is so much fun.

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