What Is Business Intelligence?

Business Intelligence

Who has not known about  BI or Business Intelligence?

BI success stories: Companies are integrating it to solve the problems posed by digital transformation. As it is necessary to be aware of the evolution of technology, we explain what Business Intelligence is.

What is Business Intelligence or BI?

Business Intelligence (BI), in Spanish Business Intelligence or Business Intelligence, is the set of processes necessary to offer a software solution that allows us to analyze the operation of our business.  Therefore this knowledge will make us optimize this operation by making the right decisions.

In the world of BI, there are multiple possible solutions. Such as each company has its illusion, an entirely reasonable explanation for some companies may not be for others.

We can help the automotive industry lead by example. While for one company, the ideal solution will be an urban car, for another a 4×4, for another a minivan, for another a truck, etc., some will need a complete fleet of vehicles.

There are various possibilities within BI solutions. These solutions cover new aspects and improve others based on rapidly developing technologies. So those included first will give way to others that will emerge over time.

The most common solutions are based on creating predefined and customized reports and their automated distribution (corporate reporting or reporting).

Some BI success stories

Business Intelligence Success Stories

Toyota Motor Corporation

It is not the initial time, Toyota Motor Company has been at the forefront of innovation in the global business sector. We highlight because automaker’s integrated information management software allowed to reduce production costs and reach a more significant number of customers.

Bridgestone flint

In other words, another example of an automotive company using BI is Bridgestone Firestone. Which uses information management software to distribute its products the logistics of receiving ,purchasing materials exported from different parts of the world.

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