Class Printers Are A Smart Addition

Class Printers are a smart addition

CLASS printers are a smart addition. If your office uses Canon’s joint multi-function printers and copiers, it makes perfect sense to choose Canon image CLASS desktop printers to complement your fleet. If you have users who need a dedicated printer, Canon image CLASS printers offer:

  • Laser quality
  • Small footprint
  • Reliability
  • Economical and reliable OEM delivery
  • High capacity toner cartridges
  • Quick setup and intuitive design
  • Safe and easy to monitor

Office managers and IT support staff love it:

Canon image Class printers are compatible with Canon’s uniflow print management software. It means you can monitor and control print usage across your organisation, including your office copiers, MFPs, and printers, to reduce printing costs and manage security.

For example, you can view (and set limits). Configure user authentication and printing rules to avoid waste. You can also set up suitable printing and scanning workflows to save time. And secure your network and protect the confidential content of documents.

Plus, no one beats Canon for reliability. Canon manufactures the machines for HP printers. Norm image class printers also get genuine OEM toner at a low price. It means you don’t have to compromise on print quality or the risk of downtime when using unauthorized consumables.

Canon image CLASS printers:

How to choose the right model

Canon’s image CLASS line of desktop printers includes several different models. While looking at all the model numbers might seem confusing, the variety of Canon printer copies means you can get the right grouping of features for your wants.

Consider the next questions to help you choose the Canon image CLASS desktop printer that’s right for you. Then you can see in the table below which models offer which functions.

Do you need color to just black and white?

When you print items such as a check, financial document, or purchase order, you might only need to print in black and white. You can save money on the printer and toner if you don’t need color. In addition, some black and white printer models offer faster print speeds.

How important is print speed?

Speaking of speed: A fast office printer is essential for some businesses and users. If you print large and bulky documents or have customers waiting in front of you for documents to print, you probably need them for fast printing. Check the print speeds in the following table.

Do you need a multi-function printer or want to print?

In addition to printing, do you need to scan, copy, and fax? Look for an “MFP” model for a multi-function printer.would  you need double-sided printing?

Double-sided or double-sided printing saves money on paper, not to mention trees! All of the Canon imageCLASS printers we sell have duplex letterpress skills.

Do you need to copy over a wireless network?

If your office is bound for Ethernet and you can easily plug in a cable, or if you want to connect directly to a workstation, you may not need a wireless printer. If you want to share the printer with multiple people, look for a wireless model.

Would you like to copy from the portable device?

The skill to print from smartphones and tablets is great. Fortunately, all Canon imageCLASS printers we sell are ready for mobile printing.

Why buy Canon image CLASS printers from SOS?

Yes, you can indeed buy these Canon desktop printers (and others with very similar model numbers that offer the same functionality) from many online and retail sources. However, you don’t get fast, reliable service from these providers. We offer competitive prices and a service you won’t find anywhere else:

  • We can monitor your toner usage and mechanically send more supplies when you run out of toner.
  • You are constantly talking to a real person when you call for service.
  • It can diagnose problems quickly and remotely and sometimes get you back on your feet without a service call.
  • We respond within 2 to 4 hours if maintenance or service is required.
  • It advance parts delivery to minimize downtime.

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