Top Seven Educational Apps For Kids

Top 7 Educational Apps For Kids

There are so many apps available that are suitable for educational purposes. Children use this game application to solve educational problems. They find it enjoyable to use. This article will provide the seven most suitable educational apps for kids.

Top 7 Educational Apps For Kids
Top 7 Educational Apps For Kids

Seven Best Educational Apps

1.Ninja phonetics

Your preschooler can struggle with sounds, mixes, and diagrams with this cute ninja. The Phonics Ninja game uses sight, sound, and touch to help your child learn essential phonics skills. The game is developed with three difficulty levels. You can even record your audio cues so your child can hear your voice or even your voice in-game. The app works smoothly on iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. It is ideal for children from the age of four.


2.PBS Kids Games

PBS has developed several games based on its popular children’s shows. The games in each show are suitable for learning children from two. Your child can learn math better with Peg + Cat. Plus, they can experience creature powers with the Kratt Brothers. Or go on an adventure in space with the children of Ready, Jet Go! If your child loves PBS shows, they’ll love learning from their favorite characters. This app facility on both Android and iOS.


3.Funbrain Jr.

It is an excellent app for preschoolers to discover new things and learn. The app can keep kids interested as it has a lot of content, including; interactive stories, interactive games, worksheets, and videos. The Funbrain Jr. educational apps are free, although there are options to purchase new levels.



It is a free story-based game and educational app. Poptropica is ideal for children from 6 to 12 years old. Moreover, it works on Android as well as iOS. The app can customize characters, complete missions, and play with friends in a safe environment.

5.School of fish

The Fish School app won the Parents’ Choice Gold Award and the Editor’s Choice Award for Children’s Technology Review. This app works smoothly on Android and iOS. It is perfect for children ages two and above. The app helps to get familiar with essential concepts like letters, numbers, shapes, colors, correspondences, and much more. Colorful schools of fish form letters, shapes, and numbers from 1 to 20, and your children can make the fish dip and do fun things with the push of a button and slide.


6.Science360 App

This app is designed for tablets only. However, it works fine on Android and iOS. The app brings images, science and technology news, and videos right to your child’s fingertips. All content is either created by NSF or collected by academics and scholars worldwide. So rest assured that your child receives the highest quality information and adds new content every week. Your child will love the app’s stunning 360-degree view that lets them explore images from any angle.


7.NASA View Explorer

NASA Viz is the more brilliant way to get the latest information and story about the Earth, the Sun, and the Universe. The app offers excellent images and videos of space and animations that can make concepts that are complicated much more understandable. Teens will love diving into everything this app has to offer on its own, and with your help, your younger siblings can begin to learn about the planets and stars.This app only works on iOS and is suitable for children ages seven and up.



The seven best educational apps will help your children

overcome educational difficulties. In addition, they are easy to use and work both

on IOS and Android mobile systems.


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