Best Fully Electronic Vehicle Trademarks

Best Fully Electronic Vehicle Trademarks

Best Fully Electronic Vehicle Trademarks

Best Fully Electronic Vehicle Trademarks: The follow-up of my business trade with well-sold plug-ins is the future for the purists of EV. If you miss the intro, I recommend it to read it. Otherwise, we will make my forecasts for the best complete vehicle vehicles.

1.Tesla (450,000 – 500,000 units) –

As I wrote, it is difficult to have a fair idea of the number of deliveries that model 3 2019 will mark. It can be more than 400,000 units. Or much lower than that.

Person, except perhaps that “Doc” Brown, can honestly say that you know what the number will be, but I will delete a little more than 350,000 deliveries. Add approx. 100,000 S & X provide on this subject, with the slight decline in sales of the first quarter of the year balance by a strong quarter of 2019 Once the production of wholly beaten revised false.


2.BAIC (220.000-250 000) –

Elimination of snapshot hybrids (Shev), the Beijing car enjoys a 100% electric range (BEV) to exceed the fall of a delivery target of 220,000 deliveries for 2019. It was considering that Baic Beat the mark in 2018 (150,000) and still counts on approximately 20,000 orders to fill that it should not be too difficult for society to beat the new goal.

The question is the combination of products. With the small series, which is probably increasing the competition (Yuan eV in mind), BAIC should define the EU series sedan and cross the Ex-Series series to ensure that the goal is to achieve the goal.

3.BYD (200,000-230,000) –

With more than 60,000 customers still waiting for their BDD-BYD Electric, their dreams can not say that this has a demand problem so that the battery production/restrictions can 200,000 deliveries of 200,000 deliveries should exceed.

Crossover Yuan EV and E5 Sedan should be future growth engines. Still, if the average version of the average size of SUV-Tang Phev has a high degree of demand, the BYD could be attempted to see cost-effective technologies … supplies design for other models. Anyway, I believe that Yuan EV – that is, a battery will be this year, nearly 60 kWh will take place – success will be the budget and the First of the brand to cross the annual delivery milestone of 100,000 people.

4.Nissan (150,000) –

Because the Japanese manufacturer depends strongly on the completion of the sheet, it should only be the first half of the problematic year with its most important market (Europe), only the version of 62 KWH in May and Tesla will receive. 3 The model continues. Nissan should wait strongly on the 40 kWh sheet until you do not lose too much ground.

After the arrival of the 62 kWh sheet in large quantities, at the start of the next half of the year, it will be another bullet. The tailgate could reach about 15,000 sales per month, and with the help of Chinese operations, we should recover Nissan the Earth on the front.

5.RENAULT (120,000) –

As its Japanese ally, Renault strongly depends on its Zoe tailgate’s unique model, but there is more miniature theater here. The demand for the current version is still growing, which provides additional growth in the primary half of the year, with the next half that meets the new Zoe units 10,000 per month.

Add 15,000 Kangoo-EV supplies, and you should meet the French car manufacturer this year at least 120,000 deliveries. The Kwid EV should also land China in China, but it probably does not have time to deliver large volumes. In the year 2020.

6.Hyundai (100,000) –

With more than 30,000 reservations on the waiting list, only for KONA EV and an intelligent expansion strategy (providing the ionic hybrid of new markets, if there is enough local demand, plug-ins), from Hyundai (and also on a small Kia) has much more demand for the plug-in as an offer.

As a result, Hyundai No. 1 receives sufficient batteries to meet the constant demand. Suppose it may have enough batteries, sales figures must ignored considerably this year, which allows the company to reach a top 10.

7.Cherry (95,000) –

Other Chinese OEM, which appears in this list, could overcome Cherry 2019, but the company aimed at 200,000 vehicle sales in the plug-in in 2020, so it is severe SVS. Although the current champion, the city of EQ, could suffer from the competition of younger and more attractive models.

8.JMC (90.000) –

Jiangling Motors, Renault New Chinese Prosthouse, is a brand known for its small EVS, but for 2019, JMC dared to be in two new segments. On the one hand, the new E500 will attempt to enter a room from the multiple sales category.

On the other hand, the T500 eV lands on the market, almost unused with great potential: the Ford Ranger collecting market

9.JAC (85,000) –

After an optimistic 2018, Jianghuai’s automotive company is trying to expand investments in this year’s sales by providing the Crossover Compact IEVS4 and the average IEV A60 ISH SERAN (in reality, the car To start is also significant. as a model S).

However, JAC’s significant sales fruit driver is the joint venture of fruit with Volkswagen, the E20X soil – it is no different from the crossover IEV7, but with a design inspired by the seat. The E20X floor corresponds to dealers in the second half of the year. Expect this model is made in large numbers because Volkswagen needs each EV; it can put your hands on to comply with 2019 quotas.

10.Hawtai (80,000) –

The 2018 surprise After adding more than 50,000 units, there are also new models for 2019. Current model specifications are updated regularly. Await Hawtai remains competitive and continues to grow; even if not, the growing activity is similar to some of its participants.

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