4 Of The Best Replacements For Facebook Messenger

4 of the best replacements for Facebook Messenger

4 Of The Best Replacements For Facebook Messenger: Facebook Messenger has long been the social media giant’s central messaging platform. Although still prevalent, conversations on the web continue to focus more and more on privacy. As these conversations go, Facebook finds itself at a crossroads of sorts, as the exchange of data between it and Messenger raises as many questions as it answers. To this end, users start looking for alternatives. The good news is that around are several options available. Here are some of the best alternatives to Facebook Messenger when you’re ready to jump ship.

4 of the best replacements for Facebook Messenger
4 of the best replacements for Facebook Messenger



Perhaps the most secure of all the popular messaging apps, the signal is a favorite of the European Commission and newsrooms worldwide. While the password doesn’t reveal the number of daily or monthly users of the app, Google’s Play Store installed over 50 million times. Every voice or video call connected concluded that the app contains full end-to-end encryption when using a signal.

The signal goes one step further by hiding the post metadata so that the original post location is missing. However, it asks for your mobile phone number. Instead, it acts as a numeric username. Once you’re signed in, you’ll find 1-1 chats, audio, and video calls, disappearing or “secret” conversations, and a privacy lock so no one can access the app, even if they have your phone. Best of all, it’s completely free to use.


One of the most significant Facebook Messenger (and WhatsApp) participants, Telegram is an excellent alternative. With over 400 million users, it offers an interface that should feel like home to anyone coming from Messenger. Telegram offers vast advantages over Messenger, including features like groups of up to 200,000 members to chat. There is no limit to your media or chat size, and you can share all types of files between users and in groups.

Telegram has strong security from a privacy perspective, but it should note that only “secret” messages are end-to-end encrypted and can self-destruct. Non-secret messages can store on Telegram servers so you can quickly retrieve them between your devices. There is a consideration to make before making Telegram your default Messenger replacement. Telegram is free on all platforms.


Increasingly popular, Threema is another privacy-focused alternative quickly becoming a competitor to Facebook Messenger. This paid service ($2.99 ​​on App Store and Play Store) is a one-time payment option to use forever. Once you pay the small fee, you get all the privacy options offered by Threema, like end-to-end open-source encryption for messages and calls.

Like Signal, Threema won’t ask you to link phone numbers or emails to your account. The service generates a random user ID when you first open and log in to the app.

The Swiss-made app has its servers hosted in Switzerland, not storing any chat messages. Another privacy benefit of Threema is the notion that all of your contact lists, groups, and user profiles are hosted on your device, not on Swiss servers. For this reason.


Viber packed with everything you’d want in a Messenger replacement. Voice and video calls are the backbones of the app, and both offer end-to-end encryption by default. Like Telegram, communities are at the forefront, where you can join large groups to talk about everything from sports to entertainment to gaming. Did you send a message you didn’t want to send? You can quickly remove it as if no one saw it coming. If you want to send a message and have it disappear soon, you can add self-destruction for privacy.

Trusted Contacts add privacy and security to the app. Viber allows its users to verify the identity of anyone they chat with through an exchange of secret keys. If something changes in the user’s contact list you are communicating with, Viber notifies you. This small but handy security feature should give millions of Viber users greater peace of mind. The fact that you can also mute your online status and stay hidden whenever you want is another reason to consider Viber as your Messenger alternative. The app is free, although it can also make international calls at affordable prices.

The Best Of The Rest

If you’re looking for a natural Messenger alternative that’s sure to include a lot of your friends, the four apps mentioned above are your best options. There are similar smaller apps like Wickr Me, Wire, and Element. Each of these three apps includes significant privacy measures to protect your chats, but they don’t have the size of the user base to be considered severe competitors. Of course, there are other, less direct competitors, like iMessage, which offers strong encryption but is limited to specific Apple devices.

Final thoughts

If you want to break missing from Facebook and its associated apps, apps like Signal and Telegram offer the most substantial competition. Thoughts are in addition to its large existing user base. When it comes to privacy, the signal is at the forefront, and while Telegram still offers security, the password is a cut above. Ultimately, the password is the best option for anyone focused on privacy, while Telegram is better for anyone who wants large groups.


Above Listed Are 4 Of The Best Replacements For Facebook Messenger.


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