Four Of The Optimum Free Firewall Software For Windows

Four Of The Optimum Free Firewall Software For Windows

Four Of The Optimum Free Firewall Software For Windows: For Windows PCs, the built-in firewall component is quite adequate, which makes paying for a third-party firewall ridiculous. However, there are free firewall alternatives that you can install on your computer whose features and options are easier to use than Windows Firewall.


Note: Before installing any of the programs we’ve listed in this guide, it’s important to note that while firewalls are free, they are no substitute for good security software. Once you install any of them, make sure you have disabled the native Windows Firewall to avoid software conflicts.


  1. Comodo Firewall

Comodo’s free firewall is an effective solution that does more than just the basics. It stops malware in its pathways and controls how programs use your internet connection.


Its features include a secure browser, host intrusion protection system, easy sandboxing, ad blocker, game mode, and custom DNS servers. Also, it has features that can prevent any program or process from leaving or entering your network.


You can add programs to the firewall’s allow/block list by searching for the program instead of using complicated wizards to configure ports and other options. That said, it does have advanced settings that you can use if you want.


It also has a Kill switch that lists all the processes running on your computer so you can block or kill the ones you don’t want and a Classification Scan option that scans all processes in case you suspect malware.





Provides safe browsing

Monitor running processes and applications



You can block URLs

The automatic sandboxing feature is disabled

No antivirus protection against exploit attacks

Four Of The Optimum Free Firewall Software For Windows
Four Of The Optimum Free Firewall Software For Windows
  1. ZoneAlarm Free Firewall

ZoneAlarm Free Firewall for Windows identifies potentially suspicious traffic and hides open ports. It also disables malware, protects your computer on public networks, and connects to DefenseNet, which provides real-time security updates when emerging threats are discovered or detected.

It doesn’t have antivirus, but you can always install it later if you want antivirus too. Plus, you get 5 GB of data backup via IDrive.

When installing the software, you will have the option to install it with Max Security or Auto-Learn security type. The latter makes changes based on your behavior, while Max Security allows you to control the settings of each app manually.

Like Comodo, ZoneAlarm Free Firewall also has a game mode, which lets you manage notifications automatically. The firewall can also prevent unauthorized changes by password-protecting settings, preventing malicious changes by blocking the hosts’ files, and emailing security status reports to you.

With a slider setting, you can also adjust the security mode of public and private networks by sliding between no protection, medium, and high. This way, you can determine if someone on the network can connect with you. It also restricts file and printer sharing for specific networks.



Real-time protection and security updates are available

Free 5GB cloud backup included

Offers stealth mode and additional tools for Wi-Fi security


The inconvenience

No antivirus or protection against exploit attacks

Requires an email account for setup

You can report safe programs and other programs


  1. Glass yarn

GlassWire is another good firewall that you can use with your Windows PC. Its user interface is simple, elegant, and well organized; it provides information about all the programs that receive and send data on your network and how many, so it will be easy for you to identify unusual activities.

It’s no more robust than Windows Firewall, and while it’s packed with information that may seem overwhelming, it can quickly clear your logs in seconds.

The firewall also detects a malware, blocks connections for malfunctioning applications, and hogs your computer’s bandwidth.

You will be warned of any network-related changes on your computer, any suspicious changes to your applications, or when a new application or service wants to access the Internet. Also, you can monitor other computers on your network and receive notifications when unknown devices join your Wi-Fi.


Easy to use

block programs

Shows network usage and activity

Scan for misbehaving apps



Lack of advanced customization

Free features are limited

Does not block all apps at once


  1. Small wall

TinyWall is a small application (1 MB) that does not require in-depth knowledge and is designed to enhance the functionality of the Windows firewall.

Unlike other free firewalls, TinyWall doesn’t burden you with pop-up notifications and warnings every few days. Instead, it allows listing features to work through hotkeys or lists to ensure your apps can connect to the Internet without difficulty.

It’s a helpful addition to Windows’ built-in firewall with features like an app scanner that scans programs to add them to your safe list. Using machine learning mode, TinyWall learns which programs you want to allow access to your network and stops again to add those programs to the safe list.

You can also manually choose files, processes, or services and grant them temporarily (a few hours) or permanent firewall permissions. You can view all developments from the Connections monitor if you want to see all developments running and have an internet connection and open ports. To complete the process or subject them to an online virus scan, right-click on any connection in the list.

The firewall also protects Windows Firewall changes and blocks known malicious locations. Also, you can password protect it and lock the hosts’ files to avoid unwanted changes.


The machine learning feature lets you easily create exceptions

No annoying notifications and pop-ups


The inconvenience

No antivirus protection against exploit attacks


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