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 Galaxy Buds 2, Galaxy Buds Pro: which TWS headphones to buy?

Galaxy Buds 2, Galaxy Buds Pro Samsung recently released it, Galaxy Z Fold 3, and Galaxy Z Flip 3. The Buds 2 is the psychic replacement to the Galaxy Buds +, which launched some time ago with new features and improvements. If you’re looking to buy Samsung wireless headphones, consider that the Galaxy Buds Pro, which launched just a few months ago, is currently selling for the same price as the Galaxy Buds 2. We believed we’d compare the two and help decide which one to buy for yourself. Here is the comparison between that to determine the best TWS headphones for you.

Build and design

It share an equal plan dialectal for the case and the earphones. The case dimensions of the Galaxy Buds 2 and the Buds Pro are the same so that you can use the Galaxy Buds 2 cases with the Galaxy Buds Pro without any issues. It’s a good thing Samsung has done to keep consistency. Together patients have a USB-C port on the back and support wireless charging.

In both cases, however, there is a slight change in appearance. The Galaxy Buds 2 take an all-white outside with unlike colour choices for the case’s inner and the earphones themselves. The Galaxy Buds Pro comes in three different colours, with the entire case and earbuds having the same colour scheme. Otherwise, there is no longer a difference in the look of the shells of the two headphones.


Fit and comfort

Although the design of the two earbuds is broadly similar, the individual earbuds of the Galaxy Buds 2 are slightly smaller than those of the Galaxy Buds Pro, making them more comfortable to wear for long periods. Both headphones have an in-ear design, which means they sink deep into the ear canal and provide good sound insulation. It looks a bit higher in quality, while the Galaxy Buds 2 looks cheap with its smooth and shiny plastic casing.

If you plan on exercising with headphones, we recommend that you take the Galaxy Buds Pro with you as they are IPX7 certified and are generally safer if exposed to sweat and water. Galaxy Buds 2 has an IPX2 rating which should be fine for most, but Buds Pro gives you extra security.

Sound quality and ANC

It have similar audio drivers and produce a very similar sound. The two headphones will look the same to the untrained eye, which is excellent considering the Galaxy Buds 2 sold for $ 50 cheaper at launch. Both headphones have a clear voice, good sound signature, and will satisfy most people with their sound.

The ANC of both headphones also effectively suppresses outside noise. However, the Galaxy Buds 2 gives you three levels of ANC, while the Galaxy Buds only offer two.


The Galaxy Buds Pro should be your choice if you make many phone calls as it has a better microphone setup with ambient noise cancellation.

Both headphones sound great, but when you get them for the same price, the Galaxy Buds Pro gets the upper hand as it has better microphones and slightly more powerful bass.

Additional features and battery life

Like most TWS headphones, that have touch controls on the headphones that can perform various functions. It includes playing / pausing music, skipping to the next/previous track, triggering the voice assistant, etc. You can also configure both headphones through the Samsung Wearable app and control the ANC / transparency levels on both headphones.

The Galaxy Buds Pro has in-ear recognition. So when you take them out of your ears, the music will stop automatically, and when you put them back on, the music will continue. This feature is not available on Galaxy Buds 2. There are additional features on Galaxy Buds Pro, including voice recognition, which automatically switches the headset to the transparent mode when talking to someone for easier listening. There’s also a windshield, automatic switching between connected devices, 360-degree sound, and beamforming microphones. If you poverty to pair the earphones with a Samsung phone, you can also use the quick connect function of both headphones, which allows you to connect to them seamlessly.

In footings of battery life, the Galaxy Buds 2 can last up to five hours on an only charge, which is the same as the Galaxy Buds Pro with ANC enabled. In practice, both headphones should ideally result in a similar battery experience. Both earbuds will last 20 hours on a single charge if you add the case. We’ll describe the battery life of both earbuds as pretty decent.

 Which one to buy?

As of this writing, they are the same. With that in mind, the Galaxy Buds Pro makes more sense as it has additional features and looks a bit more premium, while for $ 150, it still looks like the Galaxy Buds 2. So it makes sense to buy it for Galaxy Buds instead of Plus Pro.

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