How To Change The Distributors Without Losing Flow Digits Or Playlists

How to change the distributors without losing flow digits or playlists

How to change the distributors without losing flow digits or playlists

How to change the distributors without losing flow digits or playlists:  There are many resellers for independent artists and labels that are difficult to follow. I want to update a comparison of 16 of the largest independent sales companies, but more and more people appear every day, and it’s even difficult for me to follow.

+ CD Baby against TuneCore against Distrokid vs Distrokid visit idem vs Steette against the road vs SINFONICA VS ONERPM VS Amuse vs Horus.

Maybe they distributed the album of their first group with Tunecore 5 years ago because they would have thought that the album would take the world, and $ 50 a year did nothing if they did Millions of people and that the 0% commission seemed to be much more attractive at the time. But now, since the cluster break four years, you do not want to pay the annual fee of USD 50. It can be helpful. Or maybe identify your versions for the last time, and you have to get out of your system. Or perhaps your songs are included in a playlist group, and they are starting to make serious money, and the world commission of 15% 15% starts with headaches. You decide on your 0% commission and want to use automatic payments to the distribution. Or maybe your laptop blocks, and you have to distribute your music on your phone so that you can miss it.

How can you do that without losing your game numbers or clearing playlists?

A few years ago, it was pretty tricky, and no guarantee would work. If you save serious dough from some of your songs on playlists, make sure you want to lose the playlist, you can lose the silver stack with the boat.

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Most dealers have their instructions on how to do and after helping artists, with different dealers, looking for all the FAQs of resellers (and Spotify).


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To make sure that this process works well and that you do not lose your power properties, associate artists or playlists to make sure that some essential points will be satisfied when a song or an album already published “should be redistributed.

1.The songs of the song, the name of the artist and the works of art must be identical

2.The audio files must be identical. The length of the track and the format must be equivalent.

3.The type of version must be identical (album, EP, unique)

4.You must use ISRC and UPC origin numbers (more in a moment)

5.You must use the original output date

6.You want to delete the previous version only after the DSPs’ new life (Spotify, Apple Music, etc.). You have a double exit for a few days – it’s good. He will say “1 different version” on Spotify.

What are the ISRC and UPC numbers, and where do you find them?

ISRC numbers are sure to each song. UPC numbers are specific versions (for example, Albums, EPS, or Simple versions). You want to catch the two ISRC numbers for songs and the UPC for sharing.

Regardless of the distributor you use, you will find the ISRC number of each song. Connect to the Backend of your distributor, click the output, and you will see that each piece gives to an ISRC number and the UPC assigned to the full version; if you have trouble finding that with your dealer, write to its customer support and ask yourself to find it.

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Copy this ISRC number of your old distributor and paste it in the section where your new distributor requests the ISRC number. It’s essential, and it must be thru correctly. Accidentally attribute the song an ISRC to the song B with your new distributor. Triple check that.

It’s as big as you do not miss this step. When distributing a new song, each distributor assigns an ISRC number if you do not specify it. Some are electric this; some do not do it. If you are not looking for a search, you will miss this step because the distributors assume they do not have ISRC or UPC numbers and automatically assign their fees.


Can you distribute a luxurious version or a new album with the same songs and maintain game numbers?

Yes. If you distribute a new version – like a luxury output with additional tracks, you must use a unique UPC number. Your new distributor gives you that. As long as audio files, the length of the way and the title of each track are the same. The reading bars are linked. Even if you keep the version of the old album, the song accounts are linked. People with singles in advance Album and Game figures All visits to the album.


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Can you return a remote version of a previous album without losing stream numbers or playlists?

Yes. One of my friends had millions of streams on his first album. However, at this publication, he did not know much of the production or championship and did not have a master’s degree. He pressed him in hell of him that this supercharged album was so calm and felt flat. So he had money, he was subject correctly, he refers, resumed the old liberation, and all Spiel numbers remained the same.

The version is on Spotify Live. Make specific the playback numbers are identical on all songs of the two versions on the support of popularity. If this is the case, you can erase the output of your old distributor. Most distributors have a key to releasing release. You wanted to write and ask. Some do this for free, at certain costs. Some of them have heard it because they are angry with deciding to leave CuughtCoughditogh.

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