Top Nine Italian Watch Brands

Italian Watch Brands

Top 9 Italian Watch Brands: Delicious food, good ice cream, stylish clothes, and excellent watches. What’s not to love about Italy? But with Italy’s reputation for prioritizing form over function, you’d think Italian looks would be all pretty and shabby. Well, think again. Therefore several Italian luxury watch manufacturers are comparable to those in Switzerland and Germany. Yes, it’s true. With over 40 Italian watch brands on the market, plenty of stylish and quality watches to choose one. Please take a look at our men’s favorites of the moment!


When rival watch brand Panerai was sold and relocated to Switzerland in 1997, Federico Massacesi bought the manufacturing facilities in Florence, Italy. Massacesi was able to maintain the hardcore of Panerai watchmakers in Florence and Tuscany, and together they founded Anonimo. Signor Massacesi wanted to focus on quality, not branding, so Anonimo is such an apt name.

After an acquisition and move to Switzerland in 2013 (technically no longer an Italian watch company), Anonimo has reduced the number of models and now sells three collections; the Militare, the Nautilo, and the Euro. All three groups consist of high-quality handcrafted watches with self-winding mechanical movements. They are planning for military use and diving.


Founded in 2004, Ennebi designs and manufactures “wrist and table” instruments at its headquarters in Prato, Italy. However most of Ennebi’s methods, starting with the Fondale, are inspired by the work of the Italian Navy, making these handcrafted tool watches extremely durable. Large, simple, and resistant, Ennebi watches are made in small series with unique details. The 6000 meters – ref. The 9712 pictured above is a 49.4mm titanium-cased beast that can dive to 6,000 meters or almost 20,000 feet!

Meccaniche Veloci


Meccaniche Veloci was founded in Vicenza in 2006 by a group of creative designers. With a modern, refreshing, and completely different design, they introduced motorsport to the world of wristwatches. Meccaniche Veloci loosely decodes fast machines, and the most popular collection (Quattro Valvole) resembles a car engine’s pistons. They also like to include materials used in racing in their timepieces. Technically, MV is not 100% Italian. The watches are ended in Switzerland but are designed and distributed in Italy. I still chose to include MV because their eyes are fascinating, beautiful, and fun.

Meccaniche Veneziane


Meccaniche Veneziane is a new Italian brand with its Swiss mechanical movement. The MV145 caliber seems to be a version of the ETA 2824 or Sellita SW200, just reworked for Meccaniche Veneziane. The make currently has three collections, the Redentore, the Nereide, the Nereide GMT, and the Arsenale, released soon. Similarly all groups use the MV145 movement except the Nereide and Nereide GMT, which use the MV297, which I assume is a variant of the MV145 with a GMT difficulty. Values range from just under $500 to almost $1,500. I must say that I like some of the colors offered.



Gucci, an Italian fashion icon, was founded in Florence in 1921 by Guccio Gucci. With more than 4 billion euros in auctions in 2008, Gucci is a whale in the fashion industry. Unsurprisingly, they also make watches. Gucci watches are cheaper than some other brands on this list, with prices in the hundreds of dollars. And that may be true. You get an excellent look, but you don’t get the quality craftsmanship others have to offer.

Officina del Tempo

Brothers Roberto and Giorgio Emili founded Officina del Tempo at the turn of the millennium in their hometown of Senigallia. Officina del Tempo by racing, sailing, and big business. It now has eleven collections in its impressive range. The two brothers develop their activity very quickly. I appreciate the fact that they have made quality one of their priorities. They put a lot of energy into every little detail, from assembly to packaging, apart from the movements.

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No list of Italian watches would be complete without Panerai. This manufacture of luxury watches, pronounced Pun-eh-rye, was start in 1860 in Florence, Italy, by Giovanni Panerai. After Panerai became the official supplier to the Italian Royal Navy, Panerai developed a line of Rolex-made diver’s watches with pocket watch movements. Panerai officially moved to Switzerland in 1997, so technically, it’s no longer an Italian brand, but we’re making an exception this time. Collections include Submersible, Luminor, Luminor Due, and Radioman.

I have to say these are some of my beloved watches, not that I can afford the price tags. Models start at around $4,000 and quickly reach $20,000 and up.

Squale Watches

Based in Milan, Squale watches have a rich history dating back to their beginnings in 1946 by Charles von Büren in Neuchâtel, Switzerland. Although Squale looks at all Swiss-made eyes, I include them in the Italian watch post because Buren’s purchased the brand. Friends and distributors of the Maggi family from Italy. The brand’s current range consists of the Matic, 1521, 1545, and Tiger diver’s watches, all professional diver’s watches.



I first saw this brand when we were in Barcelona, and it was in a bit shop near the port where all the mega-yachts were tie. When we got back, I well-ordered one from Amazon for around $100, about a third of what they were selling in Barcelona. It was very light, and with an inexpensive quartz movement, it kept time well. The wooden strap I encountered was one of the cleanest parts of the watch.




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