Digital Dashboard On All OnePlus Phones

 Digital Dashboard on all OnePlus phones

 Digital Dashboard on all OnePlus phones

Digital Dashboard on all OnePlus phones: The latest iteration of Android, Pie, has arrived with the introduction of Pixel devices. However, one of the main attributes of this new release, Digital Wellbeing, hasn’t made it into the Pie upgrade in most devices and will eventually find its way as an OTA update. Starting now, Pixel devices and select phones in the Android One program have access to this new feature. Let’s see how to enable this Digital Wellbeing feature in Pie upgraded OnePlus phones.

What is Digital Wellbeing?

Digital Wellbeing is Google’s new feature that allows users to track their smartphone usage. You can check how long you use each app and how often you open each app. But the most exciting thing is that you can reduce your usage by setting app timers that limit your app usage after a certain amount of time. There’s also a slowdown feature that turns your screen into grayscale at night to remind you of bedtime. On the other hand, do not disturb mode turns off notifications while you’re made-up to be asleep.

As we have gotten, this new add-on from Google is the first concrete step in the fight against smartphone compulsion. The sad part is that Numerical Wellbeing is not yet available on many devices and pushes Android Pie users.

On the other hand, OnePlus users who already use the Android Pie-based Oxygen operating system can rejoice since this new feature is partially accessible to them with this simple hack. However, this latest hack has an unusable app timer, shutdown, and DND features. However, you can still track your activity and rate your usage with this new feature.

Digital Wellbeing on updated OnePlus Pie phones

All you essential to follow these simple steps to access the Digital Wellbeing Dashboard.

First, type sure your phone is successively the latest version of Android Pie.

Download the Digital Wellbeing app.

Download the Pixel Shortcuts app.

Open this app and activate the Digital Wellbeing app.

Go to your phone’s home screen and check your widgets menu when installing the apps.

Select the Digital Wellbeing dashboard shortcut from the widget menu under Pixel Settings and place it on your home screen.

Open the Digital Wellbeing icon on the home screen and choose the selection to display the icon in the app list when you’re complete.

After that, go to Dashboard and allow access to Digital Wellbeing.

You can now access the Digital Wellbeing Dashboard, which gives you information about your app usage, the number of times each app is opened, and the number of notifications received for each app.

Digital Wellbeing for OnePlus phones

As this feature has not yet officially launched for OnePlus phones, not all aspects of the WellBeing feature are usable at this time. But given that OnePlus is pushing its updates fast, we can expect to see the full-fledged wellness app on OnePlus phones very soon.

Please note that the process should work for most other phones from different brands currently running Android Pie.

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