How Much Does It Cost To Progress A Game Like PUBG?

How Much Does It Cost To Progress A Game Like PUBG?

How Much Does It Cost To Progress A Game Like PUBG?: PUBG revolutionized the mobile app games industry with its vast demand, which eventually led to its shutdown by the Indian government due to its addiction syndrome. Within the first six months of release, the game had officially grossed almost half a billion dollars, and the full version wasn’t even available at the time. Incredible, huh!


PUBG is short for PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds. A fantasy shooter that allows 100 real players to compete on a desert island. As each match progresses, the game places survivors into tighter quarters. The winner rewards the surviving player. This game caused a stir on the internet and in the world of mobile app games before it was banned, which broke billions of hearts.


Inspiration can make you do everything, but only if you manage and plan correctly, not by chance. Countless people want to create an app like PUBG, but when you think about bringing your ideas to life, the first thing that comes to mind is the cost. Mobile app game growth is one of the most popular marketplaces and offers many monetization opportunities.


Also, with AR and VR technologies, the mobile app industry has taken to the skies. The gaming communal has never been so much fun, and it has also brought great success to mobile app developers.


PUBG has come a long way, and mobile app developers have taken a lot to create this excellent app. To be specific, the time was one year. However, depending on several factors, an application’s cost and development time make speculation difficult. You can get an estimation of the development cost between ranges. Before we get to that, let’s look at the factors that can significantly determine the price.

How Much Does It Cost To Progress A Game Like PUBG?
How Much Does It Cost To Progress A Game Like PUBG?

The success story of PUBG! Below Given Are Some to Steps How Much Does It Cost To Progress A Game Like PUBG?

  1. A phenomenal concept

It all happened with the release of PUBG in March 2017, the popular multiplayer Battle Royale game for computers. It was created by the PUBG company and planned by Brendan Greene. A year later, Tencent, a Chinese game expansion association, started its mobile app and launched it on the two powerful platforms.


If anyone reading this article is unskilled with PUBG, they should know that it’s you and the remaining 99 players who hit the base on an 8X8 km island and need the battle to be the last one standing.

You can use a wide range of excellent vehicles, weapons, and supplies to take down other players. It is a fantastic concept to engage the users and make them addicted to the game.


  1. Soft launch strategy

Although the game is famous on the desktop, the creators of PUBG did not want to take any chances and released this excellent application only for users in Canada. The idea was to go through playtests and see how the target audience would react to the mobile version. This is an imaginary methodology for game developers to eliminate the problem displayed when launching the game.


  1. Stunning graphics

PUBG’s graphics are impressive precisely when playing on the highest settings. The details and textures of the map are not the same as on desktop or console, which is fine.


The specialty is some unique features available to gamers that help you fine-tune the layout to your device’s preferred performance. So you can set the frame rate from low to high or change the detail layout smoothly in HD. Some options allow you to go from subtle hues to something dazzling and colourful.

  1. Sensational UX with custom controls

The touch controls work incredibly well for a game as complex as PUBG. Using the built-in settings, you move forward with a virtual joystick, using your other thumb on the right side of the screen to your stitch. You shoot, aim, crouch, climb, and reach for your backpack with virtual tabs on the right side of the screen.


After familiarizing yourself with the layout, you will see that you have achieved the same actions as the desktop version, including free research and learning. You can completely change the structure of virtual tabs by editing them and changing their transparency and size. You can also save multiple designs presets. The default layout is very intuitive, which is the main reason for the success of the mobile game.


  1. Strategy to make money

The game’s mind behind schedule followed the monetization plan framework seen earlier in the games category. Despite its popularity and addiction, it’s surprisingly free to download and play. The application articles are accessible to those who wish to buy them. The gameplay does not have the budget of the user.


Some players enjoy the game without paying anything, and others cannot continue playing without extraordinary items. PUBG mobile is a true example of the addictive mechanism behind Mobile app games. The game also offers stunning graphics and audible thuds that inspire players to continue their experience, connect with multiple players, tempt them with rewards, and challenge them with competitions.


Cost of developing an excellent mobile game app like PUBG

PUBG is an exceptional and addictive gaming app due to all the features mentioned above and much more. It is an exciting level mobile game application. These games are experienced developers and involve high development costs. This game has an incredible level of detail planned.

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Developing games of this standard require significant planning and design effort, and the time required varies somewhat from 1 to 2 years or more. Hyperlink Infosystem offers applications for between $50,000 and $100,000, dependent on various factors. Feel free to ask our mobile application development experts about the different features and cost range of these gaming apps if you have any questions.


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