The Impact Of Technologies On Business

The Impact Of Technologies On Business

Technology has come into our lives to stay. Nobody can imagine living without him anymore. It has invaded our personal, leisure, and of course, workspace. This new year promises us new business models that promise unprecedented success.


Artificial intelligence, virtual reality or biometric tools are popular terms that we are beginning to live with. This year, they are given the whole meaning of the digital age at the service of one of the pillars on which the economy has based today, cybersecurity.


Digital security has updated to introduce a new cloud-based model that expects to become an enterprise standard around which all services revolve. In addition to cyber security, other areas are also booming.

The Impact Of Technologies On Business
The Impact Of Technologies On Business


Future of banking

Banking services are subject to changes that modify their philosophy. The idea of ‚Äč‚Äčtraditional banking is disappearing now customers want to do cheap business anytime, anywhere. The new Bluetooth and NFC technologies mean that the mobile is in our catalogue. And the digital bank is expected to attract more than two billion users next year.


The massive disruption in the way payments can be made, with big players like Google, Facebook and Amazon already starting to offer their payment service gateways, is completely changing the concept of banking and requires its regulation. However, this change in vision leads to an increase in cyberattacks. Digital security is, therefore, more necessary than ever


Cybersecurity hand in hand with biometrics

Biometrics connect physical and digital life. Based on recognising a part of the body as a digital key to access any platform, this technology has revolutionised the security sector. Authentication that focuses on fingerprints, facial recognition, or retinal scans shown to increase online protection practices’ effectiveness significantly.


Biometrics thus becomes a not inconsiderable business niche. Not surprisingly, the biometric market expect to grow 25% year over year.

Personalised Marketing

The new advertising strategies, focused on Big Data, are innovative to offer a personalised service tailored to each client. Images are no longer stacked. Now they focus on user feedback, which is an unprecedented paradigm shift.


Most businesses expect to create customer rating systems to encourage innovative campaigns that individually impact their audience.


Augmented Reality (AR)

Augmented Reality (AR) is one of the significant advances in the technological world. Apple and Google already offer more than 2,200 applications using this technology, which has revolutionised the video game industry in particular. However, experts note that this year will be the most important due to its development, expanding its market by entering the advertising and healthcare sectors.


Its marketing potential is immense and offers a unique consumer experience. And being able to visualise how a product can adapt to our lives is the best advertising campaign you can run today. How many times have we imagined what a piece of furniture would look like in our home? With augmented reality, it is no longer necessary to imagine something now we can see it


AR is also bringing innovation to healthcare to lead towards telemedicine. Receiving remote medical consultation or therapy opens up a world of possibilities. It even allows doctors to study the patient’s movements remotely and in real-time, allowing them to perform treatment directly on their bodies. AR software and training simulators have been an enormous step forward for distance healing.


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